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July 29, 2014
Image Access Book Scanners at IFLA

The 80th IFLA General Conference, the global Library and Information Congress will be held from 17 to 20 August 2014 in Lyon / Frankreich . and we are pleased to welcome you to ... >>

June 27, 2014
"See" what is important

Bear this in mind when selecting a book scanner. Click here to read the Wide Paper - Book Scanner Quality ... >>

May 08, 2014
3D Flatbed Scanning with WideTEK® 12-600 at the Archiving
On May 14, 2014, Image Access will present the WideTEK® 12-600 at the IS&T Archiving Conference in the Sony Center in Berlin. The latest addition to the WideTEK product ... >>
February 14, 2014
New Products, New Designs from Image Access at CeBIT

At CeBIT 2014, the world´s largest IT trade show in Hannover, Germany from March 10-14, 2014, Image Access will introduce new scanners and new technological designs in both the ... >>

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"See" what is important

Bear this in mind when selecting a book scanner. Click here to read the Wide Paper - Book Scanner Quality Check. ... >>

A Digicam is not a Scanner
Read & download the Book Scanner Buyer´s Guide to understand why a digital camera “book scanner”, can never be a scanner because a scanner scans a document and a digital camera only takes ... >>

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Experience is the Foundation of Success

Image Access Celebrates 20 Years of Digitization Excellence

Founded in 1993 by CEO Thomas Ingendoh and incorporated on February 14, 1994 in Wuppertal, Germany; Image Access is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In the early days, developing the HiRES graphic card and scanner interface card DPU-16 were the foundation for the increasingly advanced products coming out of R & D at Image Access. Large format scanners of all sizes and types as well as digitization solutions for customers, industry experts and OEM partners have been delivered to thousands of locations in nearly every country around the globe.

Already in 2001, Image Access made the right decision by developing the technological platform, Scan2Net® - a recognized standard for reliability, flexibility and ease of use. By recognizing the potential of the world’s fastest common, nonproprietary connection available for devices – TCP/IP, Image Access scanners can boast an unrivalled performance and highest security at the lowest connectivity cost.

Image Access is the only scanner manufacturer that offers products in all large format segments:

  • Wide format overhead book scanners for valuable books more than A1 in size
  • Large format flatbed scanners for formats greater than DIN A2 / 25x18 inches
  • Wide format sheetfeed scanners for documents between 36 and 48 inches in width
  • Wide format duplex scanners for high volume production of double sided scans up to 36 inches

Leveraging 20 years experience, Image Access provides products today that serve to set tomorrow´s standards. Look for the WideTEK®, Bookeye® and Scan2Net® brands and you´ll know that you have an excellent product.

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